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        Prof. Liu's research group works on a variety of topics in solar and space physics, including solar active regions, CMEs, ICMEs, shocks, solar wind, and energetic particles. His group also plays an active role in space science missions.


Group Members

Zhongwei Yang, Associate Research Professor

Rui Wang, Associate Research Professor

Huidong Hu, Assistant Research Professor

Current Graduate Students

Chong Chen, Ph.D. student

Mingming Meng, M.S. student


Group Secretary

Ms. Shuxian He (sxhe@swl.ac.cn)

Join us

We welcome graduate students and postdocs to join the group!



Former Graduate Students

Ph.D.: Xiaowei Zhao, 2020; Bei Zhu, 2018; Huidong Hu, 2017

M.S.: Yi Liu, 2018; Minzhe Liu, 2018; Wen He, 2018